Christian Rauch is an entrepreneur and researcher who works with executives and changemakers to expand their futures-thinking capacities and explore new ideas for a sustainable tomorrow. He is founder and director of STATE, a Berlin-based initiative that creates together with a global network of artists, scientists, R&D companies and world-renowned cultural and academic institutions programs between art and innovation to re-think the questions that shape our future and facilitate creativity without borders.

In his work, Christian explores new ways to enable futures-oriented group intelligence processes. He created methods and tools such as the RIDE thinking method, the AKAW futures cards and Futures Canvas, a digital platform for collective speculation and envisioning futures together.

Christian studied physics in Berlin and Sydney and received his PhD in renewable energy research from Aalto University Helsinki, before he led the knowledge and technology transfer activities at a German nanotechnology research institute. He serves as a member of the Communication Science Expert Bank at the German Academy of Science and Engineering, is part of the curatorial board of the BIOTOPIA museum and jury member of the German Creative Industries Award “Kultur-und Kreativpiloten” of the BMWi. As a fellow of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, he is committed to promoting sustainable leadership as part of a global network of changemakers.

As part of CEDEP’s GMP programme, Christian invites leaders to harness the power of radical imagination to explore the uncharted space of possible futures.