Christophe Gillet is a transformation agent, an innovation activist and a corporate anxiolytic.  He has developed expertise in Leadership of Change, Management of Innovation and Mental Models, as well as ‘new style’ Resilient Organisations.

He has first-hand experience of new business creation in ‘value driven’ contexts, and concretely piloted several major change initiatives in large organisations. Christophe has practical leadership experience in multicultural environments and of transformational change management and strategic change, including creating virtual teams to deliver resilience, adapting behaviours and business cultures under fast growing uncertainty and managing ‘foggy’ projects.

In a previous life, he was Director of Business Innovation for SONY Business Europe. He lived in the Netherlands for 10 years and was head of a large European business unit. Christophe lived for 2 years in Algeria, studied in New-York and Tokyo and contributes to executive programmes at the University of Cape Town, the American University of Cairo, Duke CE, and IMD.

Christophe loves teaching unconventionally, provoking thoughts, playing with mental models (biases).  He uses passion, humour and storytelling as vehicles to deepen learning.

At CEDEP, Christophe teaches transformation, innovation, resilience, organisational change, communication with impact.  He designs and directs several highly original and unorthodox programmes. A “remarkable lateral thinker” as Sony once described him.