Hélène Bovais teaches sociology of organization, organizational theory and change management for senior executives in different institutions. Her research focuses on cooperation, paradox management, action theories and decision-making. She currently collaborates with Harvard Business School on a research program dedicated to hybrid organizations.

After 11 years as a consultant specialized in organization and sociology, and 12 years as a senior executive in retail banking, Hélène embraced an academic career as a professor and researcher. She has a PhD in Management and Organization Theories and her doctoral research was awarded ANDESE prize in 2013. She is also General Manager of Strat & Org Conseil, a consulting firm specialized in organizational and cultural change.

As a senior executive in retail banking, she was a Director of a Marketing & Distribution Department, ICTs Department, Industrialization Program and Transformation Programs in France and abroad.

As a consultant, she applies sociology and organizational sciences to business issues. She managed transformation programs in retail and marketing, manufacturing or supply chain management. Now, she provides support to large companies in retail, telecommunication and banking services, dealing with cultural changes or complex organizational problems.

Hélène has wide experience in diverse industries and services such as, cosmetic, car rental, automotive, household appliances, glass manufacturing, rail industry, shipyards, pet food, retail banking & wealth management, telecommunications and mass retail.

Hélène holds regular sessions in CEDEP programmes that aim at supporting participants conducting analysis of their organisation.