Jens’ interest focusses on innovation and change. His approach is to explore managerial beliefs, reveal cognitive biases and propose means and measures to adapt to, transform or overcome these.  He has developed and taught courses on a variety of subjects including, Blue Ocean Strategy & Value Innovation, Fair Process & Change Management, Cyber-Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Innovation in the context of Business Start-ups), and Business Intelligence.

Jens was Deputy Director of CEDEP from 2009 to 2011Director until 2015, and then Dean of Programmes until December 2019. He was instrumental in leading CEDEP’s General Management Programme revamp into an action learning, reality-driven experience for a more impactful executive education programme, which was acknowledged by the International Journal of Management Education

Jens is a member of CEDEP’s faculty, and Adjunct Professor of Corporate Strategy at INSEAD where he directed the Advanced Management Programme.

Jens holds an MBA in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology from the French Business School Theseus at Sophia Antipolis. He co-founded the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies (CALT) at INSEAD.

At CEDEP, Jens continues to enjoy designing and lecturing in face-to-face as well as virtual programmes.

“What I love at CEDEP is its notion of community, the sharing, the co-option and the willingness of its members to reach out to next level development work”.