Luc de Brabandere is one of the world’s leading business philosophers. After a background in mathematics and information technology, Luc graduated in philosophy from the Catholic University of Leuven in 2003. He is now a specialist in cognitive sciences and teaches at various universities including ETH Zurich, Solvay Business School in Brussels and the École Centrale de Paris.

Luc is a director of Wallonie Bruxelles-Enseignement (WBE) and a fellow of the BCG Henderson Institute, after having been a partner in the firm. Before joining BCG, Luc was managing director of the Brussels Stock Exchange. He co-founded Cartoonbase, a communications agency where artists and consultants work together.

Luc specialises in creativity, scenario building and strategic visioning techniques applied to business. He regularly works with management teams to imagine breakthrough scenarios, clarify their vision or work on their communication. He popularises the contribution of philosophy in various domains ranging from language to logic, or from cognitive bias to humour.

Luc is also a prolific author and has published more than twenty books on these different subjects. They all reflect the same project, that of intellectual rigour when there are no numbers. He is a regular columnist for various newspapers in France and Belgium.

At CEDEP, Luc is one of the key philosophers in our Management & Philosophy programme.