Rik Vera is a business coach, advisor, author and global inspirational speaker on the impact of the digital economy on people, society and business. He shares his knowledge and expertise to audiences and managers worldwide on how they can think, move and act in a complex world that is being reshaped by technology.

He’s developed his own models and concepts to help people and businesses experience exponential growth. Since 2014, he’s run over 1200 sessions teaching his concepts and models in over 50 countries for all types of organisations, covering a wide variety of topics from Customer Centricity, AI, Big Data, Organisational Change, to Change Management.

Rik’s background includes years of business management experience combined with coaching and teaching. He’s currently chairman of the board for nexworks, a Belgium-based Think Tank, where he was also CEO for two years. He’s also a member of the boards of large and medium sized companies in very diversse industries, from tech start-ups like Hello Customer up to international companies likes KLM, a customer-centric software platform and owner of KD29 coaching consultancy.

He’s a visiting lecturer on the topic of “Strategy for a Digitalized World” at London Business School and lecturer at TIAS, Vlerick and Neyenrode Business Schools.

He holds a master’s degree in Dutch/English Culture, Language and Literature from the University of Antrewerp.

Rick is author of the book “Managers the Day After Tomorrow”