Serge Airaudi


Serge Airaudi is a researcher, consultant, and expert in organizational management and Japanese culture. He advises senior executives in the areas of strategy and management, and has carried out numerous consulting assignments with companies engaged in strategic agreements, alliances, acquisitions and establishments in Japan.

A philosopher by training, his research work focuses on intercultural methodologies (particularly with Japan), organizational models, the paradigm of globalization and the cultural model and its functioning.

He lecturers for companies, professional associations and teaches at several institutions on the topics of Japanese culture, the genesis and challenges of globalization, the transformation of organizations in the 21st century, and business and cultural models.

He’s published numerous articles in Revue Française de Gestion and has also authored two books Biorythme de l’entreprise et conquête de la frontière intérieure  (2004) and  L’avenir de l’origine, genèse de la mondialisation  (2012), Editions Descartes & Cie.