Sundhanshu Palsule is one of the leading thinkers in the field of transformative leadership and leading in complexity.  His work on leadership brings together the latest research emerging from neurology and psychology, and his own exploration of human thinking and behaviour over thirty years.

Trained as a physicist, he uses principles of quantum mechanics in his work on building effective 21st century organizations and teams that can thrive in increasingly complex global eco-systems.

Renowned for his expert facilitation and coaching, Sudhanshu helps senior management teams engage in the difficult and sweaty conversations that bring resolution, energy and the right action. His notion of “Self-Ware”– the program of thinking, emotions, and beliefs that drives us – remains central to his work on leadership. His model of the “Four Mindsets” – Reaction, Control, Mindfulness, and Mastery has been successfully used in many organizations globally, enabling teams and their leaders to operate at higher levels of cognition and leadership effectiveness.

His latest book, co-authored with Michael Chavez Rehumanizing Leadership: Putting Purpose back into Business, serves as guide to building engaged, resilient and innovative organizations.  His previous book The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership For The Complex Social Age was released in 2014.

Sudhanshu teaches at Duke CE, INSEAD, and other business schools globally. His leadership workshops are renowned for their profound transformative impact.