At CEDEP, driven by his passion for translating science for managers and the general public, Théo leads sessions on stress management and the brain-safety link. In our highly successful “Leadership and Safety Culture” program, he demonstrates how even a small understanding of brain science can significantly improve safety and productivity.

Théo Compernolle MD., PhD. specializes in the psychological aspects of leadership and enhancing resilience for executives and organizations during conflict, stress, and change. As a technophile, he explores the adverse effects of technology misuse on productivity, safety, creativity, health, and well-being.

To provide practical applications in his lectures and workshops, as a medical doctor and neuropsychiatrist, Théo integrates research from diverse fields, including medicine, biology, psychology, neurology, physiology, and management.

He has published numerous scientific articles and authored the enduring bestseller “Stress: Friend and Foe,” as well as “Brainchains: Discover your brain to unleash your performance in a hyperconnected world” and its concise version, “How to Unchain Your Brain.”

He did a Ph.D. about stress and has previously held professorships at the Free University of Amsterdam, Solvay Business School, taught in renowned business schools like INSEAD Vlecrick School and TIAS. He currently teaches and coaches at CEDEP and IMD, collaborating with organizations worldwide.