Dr. Thomas Hellwig is a medical doctor, executive coach, and professor of leadership. He is an experienced teacher and programme director at CEDEP.

As faculty, he teaches on leadership with topics like emotional intelligence, team effectiveness, leading change, organisational culture. His main focus is on stress and resilience of individuals and teams. He designs and delivers programmes for all levels of management. He is co-director of the International Teachers Programme, the leading training programme for faculty of the top global business schools.

As a medical doctor Thomas has led high-performing medical teams in some of the leading hospitals in three European countries. As an executive coach, he has been one of the lead coaches of INSEAD’s Leadership Centre for more than a decade.

Thomas is a trained physician with a doctorate in psychotherapy and holds an MBA from INSEAD. He is also a graduate of the Tavistock Institute for group relations. He lives in France in a multicultural personal environment. He speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and German, his native language.

At CEDEP, Thomas likes to use different methods of experiential learning to co-design and deliver exciting learning journeys. He also manages CEDEP’s coaching network, an essential part of the top leadership programmes.

“What I love about CEDEP is that we co-design with our customers seriously to create memorable and exciting learning journeys.”