Major General (r) Vincent Desportes turned to higher education, strategic thinking and international affairs, after a career in the French and U.S. Armed Forces. In this context, he worked in the United States between 1998 and 2003.

After two years in the US Army, where he graduated from the War College, he was assigned to the French Embassy in Washington. On his return to France, he was appointed Defence Advisor to the Secretary General of National Defence before becoming Director of the Centre for Force Employment Doctrine. For three years, he was responsible for strategy development and feedback for the French Army. In the summer of 2008, he took command of the Ecole supérieure de guerre. He is now Special Advisor to the President of Panhard General Defense.

Vincent’s expertise is in the field of geostrategy, strategy, and leadership from his extensive knowledge of international and military affairs.  He has published numerous books on strategy and praxeology, contributed to numerous French and foreign journals, and has been speaking at conferences on the themes of strategy and leadership in the metropolises of different continents for the past ten years.

He has been the Director of the “Strategies and Doctrines” collection at Economica since 1999, strategic advisor to the President of the IFRI, and member of the scientific council of the Higher Council for Strategic Training and Research. He’s also Associate Professor at Sciences Po Paris, and teaches in several Grandes Ecoles, and works with major companies.

Vincent holds an engineering degree, doctorate in history, and business administration and sociology degrees.