Build relevance and resilience into your business

Companies must build relevance and resilience into their business to thrive in an unstable and unpredictable environment and our Decision-Making Programme teaches you how.

Develop powerful decision-making skills that builds relevance and resilience into business with our Decision Making Programme

To thrive in an unstable and unpredictable environment, companies must build relevance and resilience into their business. Decisions made by leaders are fundamental to achieving this, yet decision-making has never been as challenging as it is today.

The newly created CEDEP programme, ‘Decision making in unprecedented times’aims at developing the necessary understanding, behaviour, skills and methodologies to enable leaders to make relevant decisions, ensuring the future success of the organisation.

The future-facing interactive online programme guides leaders on an inspiring and powerful learning journey. Participants will explore the future forces shaping their business, identify contextually relevant realities, select suitable decision-making criteria and identify how to best navigate a complex future in the quest for organisational relevance and resilience.

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