Video magazine for corporate leaders – New Learning Media in Exec-ED


The Online BOOC is a CEDEP hybrid learning tool, at the intersection between a BOOK and a MOOC, designed as an online magazine. It was created by CEDEP’s team of sociologists, philosophers, educators and corporate executives. It can be used online on a Mobile, Tablet or PC. It features key knowledge to enable anyone to understand their reality and thus act efficiently on it. Our BOOC tackles various sets of business problems and will help corporate leaders capture the essence of their problem.


The BOOC was developed to help managers who struggle to operate smoothly and harmoniously in a tough corporate environment involving more and more processes, procedures, KPIs, and control mechanisms.

Learning journey

The BOOC has the flexibility to be read the way users need, creating their own learning path, in a non-linear way. It features a range of short impactful videos on the key learning points of major corporate themes: New World Management, Transformation, Innovation, Diversity and more.

In the Lost in Management BOOC, 5 key New-World Management topics are explored: Power and Hierarchy, Collaboration, Empowerment, Trust, Rules and Procedures. Other BOOCs are developed around additional topics such as Transformation, Post Digital, Dealing with Uncertainty.

Relevant, quick, stimulating and human-centric, the BOOC is made by experienced learning professionals and management leaders. The contributors are selected in a network of business leaders, soft science researchers and executive education professors.

Set up

Used as Inter-Modular activity, pre-work or post work for Open Enrolment Programmes or Company Specific Programmes, As simple as a book, with the connectivity of a MOOC, the BOOC is designed for use on smartphones, tablets, or computers offline


60-90 minutes of short videos (max 5 minutes)

Ideal participant

Corporate managers, all levels

Sales, Marketing & Communication

Please contact Muriel Pailleux for more information.

+ 33 (0)7 85 45 63 18