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Virtual Manager Development Programme: Facilitator-led sessions with Meta-LUCID


Meta-LUCID is one of CEDEP’s Academic Partners. They develop leadership potential for managers, with a focus on Growth Mindset theory.


Main Objectives

Effective communication skills to create a high-performance team. Developing critical and practical skills in order to hold skillful conversations, provide timely and effective feedback and coaching to optimise employee potential. 

Learning Journey

Prework with preparation activity and an optional standalone Growth Mindset module.

In Module 1, participants will acquire skills to lead conversations connecting them to their employees to create better results.

In Module 2, they will develop appreciative and developmental feedback methods to fast track to reach objectives. 

In Module 3, they will learn and apply a simple and effective coaching method, using the GROW process, leading to a higher team performance. 

A facilitator-led Virtual Series with coaching throughout the various steps of the programme (individual and group coaching).

Each series adapted to the context of the company, using the technical requirements of the specific company (Zoom, Webex, etc.).

16 key modules adapted through a co-design treatment with each client to ensure context and specific needs met.

Leadership development modules include:

1.Adaptive Planning and Organisational skills

2.Aligning Vision and Strategy

3.Building Credibility and inspiring others

4.Breaking Down Silos


6.Creating an Engaging Culture

7.Creating Team Spirit

8.Delegation & Building Accountability

9.Developing Growth Mindset

10.Engaging & Motivating a Diverse Team

11.Leading & Managing cross-culturally, multi-nationally and virtually

12.Leading Change

13.Leading High Performing Teams

14.Managing & Measuring Performance

15.Measuring Returns on Investment

16.Topgrading: hiring, deploying, developing and retaining A-players


Self-development modules include:

1.Building Beliefs


3.Constructive Conflict

4.Creativity, Innovation and Transformation 

5.Dealing with Ambiguity

6.Decision Making (at senior level)

7.Emotional Intelligence

8.Improving Resilience

9.Influencing Others

10.Managing Yourself through Change

11.Managing Organisational Politics

12.Mastering your Motivation


14.Problem Solving

15.Skillful Communication


Set up

Online modules

4-month period with 3 x 3-hour modules (with an option for 4 modules).

 Participant profile

First-line managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Sales, Marketing & Communication

Please contact Muriel Pailleux for more information.

+ 33 (0)7 85 45 63 18