Understand how mental models lead to transformative change

The CEDEP Mental Models Strategy programme teaches you how to Innovate and adapt in a constantly changing world by shifting your mental models

Learn how to use and adjust your mental models to innovate and adapt in a changing world with CEDEP Mental Models Strategy Programme.

The skill of using mental models in the decision-making process is essential to the success of a business and even more so in the COVID era that is disrupting business and old ways of thinking.

Mental models don’t only exist in our minds but lead to actions that become established into organisational business practices by leaders and employees who have shared mental models. We construct these mental models often without awareness of it, and because of this, mental models are difficult to understand and change.

Our Mental Model Strategy programme helps leaders understand their mental models and how they represent the practices, actions and reality formed by an organisation, its employees and collaborators. Learn how to shift and use mental models to improve business decisions that lead to strategic growth, and be an agent of change.

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