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Welcome to CEDEP’s new Safety Leadership Culture Newsletter

Thomas Hinterseer

Managing Director, CEDEP

Dear All,

We are happy and proud to announce the launch of our new Safety Leadership Culture newsletter.

At CEDEP, we have been working with our members for over 12 years to develop and strengthen the leadership elements required for a strong and sustainable safety culture. The result was the launch of our ever-inspiring Leadership & Safety Culture programme co-created by L’Oréal and Sanofi.

It’s therefore time to capture and share with you some of the valuable lessons and resources we have accumulated from our important work over all these years. And that’s why we have created this interactive newsletter for our alumni and everyone interested in safety leadership culture. 

In each issue, we will share insights from safety thought leaders, valuable reference materials and feedback from our participants past and present to help strengthen our safety alumni community. 

Safety is not an add-on but it is an integral part of business and an enabler – it’s an essential part of how business and work is actually done. We hope this newsletter will help to move the needle yet a bit closer to Getting to Zero, or as Dr Andrew Sharman says in his interesting book “From Accident to Zero“, being 1% safer already makes a huge difference … 

We talk to L&SC Programme Director Dr Andrew Sharman about why safety needs to be everyone’s concern in an organisation.

Global Vice President of Health and Safety at L’Oréal Malcolm Staves discusses how health and safety become integrated into senior leadership thinking differently the more mature an organisation’s culture becomes. 

Bertrand talks to us about the impact of Leadership & Safety Culture Programme on his leadership style and the long term benefits bioMérieux is experiencing from this essential programme.

Dr. Theo Compernolle, CEDEP faculty member and neuro-psychiatrist, examines why and how constant connectivity contributes to harmful stress – and how leaders can create a workplace culture to mitigate this

For more information about our Safety and leadership programme:


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Watch our latest video to find out why Malcolm Staves, Global VP Health and Safety at L’Oréal, co-creator of CEDEP’s L&SC, believes the programme has been a game-changer for L’Oréal management and is vital for any company.