Management & Philosophy (M&P)

Creating inspired, visionary leaders

The CEDEP M&P is a thought-expansion programme that brings together 10 philosophers and 10 senior executives to share the ground-breaking new philosophical management techniques that are inspiring the most engaged and productive workplaces around the world. Participants learn to use philosophical analysis to break the current limits of contemporary management. The programme covers 10 of today’s most common managerial challenges, occupying one day per month over 10 months, with six of the sessions being held in Paris and four at the CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France.

Programme Objectives

This unique and innovative programme provides access to high-level discussions between top senior executives and renowned philosophers on how to approach fundamental management issues in today’s ever changing and uncertain world. Participants will explore different currents of philosophical theory, such as:

  • Commitment
  • Truth
  • Otherness
  • Humanism in a digital world

Relating these notions to challenges experienced by top business leaders, participants will be able to confront their own views, giving them greater clarity on how to address difficult situations and solve problems in a pragmatic way. They will learn how to ask the right questions to the right people to find more effective solutions and ways forward.

Through analysing their managerial practices from unconventional angles, and participating in exchanges with inspiring world leaders of thought and business, they will leave each session with a new perspective on the way they manage themselves and their team.

Learning Journey:

The M&P goes further and dives deeper than a traditional business school programme by using interrogation and contemplation of philosophical ideas that have had a profound impact on the world of today.  Participants will learn how to:

  • Use critical thinking skills to question their points of view and managerial practices in order to make improved decisions and build a moral rationale for their organisation.
  • Become more aware: know themselves better, listen to others, create the right environment, better analyse situations and more skilfully manage relationships.
  • Open their mind so as to surpass their current self-limiting work beliefs.
  • Lead an inspired and fulfilled workforce with a deep sense of purpose and commitment.
  • Decipher and resolve problems in order to achieve expansive and positive outcomes.
  • Turn cultural and spiritual differences into an asset that helps people work together more effectively.

In each session, one of the 10 senior executives shares his vision and business experience related to the theme of the day. The philosopher then presents the philosophical concepts that relate to both the subject and senior executives remarks, explaining how these theories are relevant to modern management. Following this, there is an in-depth analysis of the essential issues raised from a managerial and operational perspective.

Each of the 10 days covers a different theme but has a similar structure. Profoundly moved by these discussions, participants will leave the programme inspired to take their personal life, career and organisation to a higher level.

philippe biltiau
programme co-director

Academic Professor, Former Dean of the Solvay Brussels School

‘Philosophy is a powerful resource that allows for a new view of business. It brings us back to being more lucid, more influential, more relevant and freer.’

Jules Goddard
programme co-director

Fellow of London Business School, Co-author of “What philosophy can teach you about being a better leader”, Kogan Page, 2019, Member of the Council of the Royal Institute of Philosophy


‘Deciding what is right is a matter of philosophy. Applying philosophy to leadership challenges in today’s world allows us to explore what is right.’

Programme details

Ideal participant

The CEDEP Management & Philosophy Programme is for Vice Presidents, General Managers and Directors of units in all industries.

It is for professionals who understand that their leadership style has an enormous impact on their organisation – and for those who want to learn the skills to excel, enabling them to lead thriving organisations filled with inspired and committed workers that respect them, and each other.


In person


CEDEP campus in Fontaineableau, France

Paris, Hôtel de Poulpry – Maison des Polytechniciens, France


6 days in Paris 
4 days at CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France





Tuition fees 2023 (


Board & Accommodation 2023 (excl. tax)


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