Mental Model Strategy (MMS)

Break the cycle of past thinking

The CEDEP MMS is an innovative, highly relevant 2.5 day programme that gives participants a key strategy in helping organisations experience successful transformation in today’s ever changing and uncertain world – how to use and shift one’s mental models. Mental models are how we interpret the world, solve problems and simplify complexity. They are the framework of our decision-making. If we use the wrong mental model, important problems become impossible to solve. Mental models don’t only exist in our minds but also lead to actions that become established into organisational business practices by leaders and employees who have shared mental models. People construct these mental models of reality often without awareness of it, and because of this, mental models are difficult to understand and change.

Main Objectives

This innovative, transformative hands-on programme will give participants a new managerial competence, the use of mental models, and how to use this competence to innovate and adapt in the new normal. Participants’ will become more aware and make positive shifts in themselves, and as a consequence, in other people in their organisation in order to lead with a strategic edge.  

Through analysis of their own mental models, participants will understand:

  • Why people think, behave and react in a certain way
  • The profound role mental models play at the individual, group and societal level
  • The enormous impact mental models have on decision-making processes, operational efficiency and company outcomes.

Participants will learn new mental models and how to use these new models to unlock action, cut through the noise and identify the best decisions to make. They will be guided through different actionable tools, including alternative models that will provide them with a concrete roadmap to create change. After the programme, they will be able to recognise where models are creating obstacles in their organisation, and how to drive mindset and operational change to overcome them.

Learning to use these mental constructs is a required skill for the future in order to reposition oneself and the team quickly when facing challenging situations. It will give participants new insights on how to move their organisation forward.

Learning Journey

The programme is comprised of practice-based workshops driven by participants real-life challenges and questions. Through a series of exercises, participants will learn how to recognize their mental models and then understand the impact they have on how they process and comprehend information. After exposing their mental models that define how they operate, they will learn new mental models (new ways of examining situations) to broaden their framework for solving problems. They will then go through an exercise with different steps to become skilled at implementing innovation with a new mindset. Learning about mental models help participants:

  • Identify mental model blocks and turn them into positive solutions
  • Increase awareness to understand situations and people from wider angles to make better decisions
  • Avoid stagnation by getting left behind using past methods and have the confidence and strategies to better optimize systems to instigate growth
  • Create value by managing people differently
  • Become a change agent to drive cultural change in their organisation

At the end of their learning, participants develop an approach to make incorporating mental models into daily operations a systematic change across their entire organisation.

Béatrice rousset
programme Co-director

Specialist, consultant and speaker in individual and collective transformation issues

‘Chief among the causes is being stuck in an obsolete way of perceiving the world and ourselves i.e. our mental model.’

philippe silberzahn
programme co-director

Professor, EM Lyon Business School, recognised expert in innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate transformation


‘Mental models provide a point of entry that enables you to impact and alter the system rather than being recaptured by the system.’

Programme details

Ideal Participant

The CEDEP MMS Programme is for leaders, transformation managers, human resources managers at the senior executive level in an organisation.

It is for senior executives who understand that their leadership style and decisions have an enormous impact on their organisation. They want to learn the skills to improve their contextual understanding of situations, and interaction with others, to drive growth and take advantage of change.



CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France

2.5 days



Tuition fees (

€ 4,200

Board & Accommodation (excl. tax)

€ 200

Please find here the MMS brochure

Please find here the MMS flyer


A ‘training’ unlike anything else! More of an introspective journey…


The Mental Models programme gives you an understanding of what a mental model is through various exercises. It also leads you to deeply question your own mental models as well as those of your organization.


The program helped me to reflect outside the thinking / mental model which I developed during my career path and working in the same organization over the years.
Sales, Marketing & Communication director

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